Susan Simon Daniels: Why Research (NetSuite design talk)

Jen poznámky a odkazy na doporučené zdroje z velmi dobré včerejší přednášky Susan Simon Daniels, Principal User Experience Researcher, NetSuite | Oracle, konané v Impact Hubu Brno.

Supposing is good, but finding out is better. – Mark Twain

David Travis (@userfocus)

Ask about past behavior, not about future.

Mixed Methods (@mixedmthods)

„Anybody“ is not the answer. :-)

Classic journalists‘ Five Ws: WHO, What, When, …

You are not supposed to have answers. Ask questions. You are not user.

Analyzing the data from a research is the hard part. Revisit notes and recordings. Look for patterns. Find help from another person (find fresh eyes).

Do the math. Cost of acquisition, cost of support, cost of returns. Does research save this money? Or, is 10% of venture capital fair price for a check if you are building the right product?

Domain knowledge is important. Take a product manager with you. :-)

Be vulnerable. It’s fine to look stupid. Be ok with not knowing stuff.